HERS Inspection

  • Duct Testing
  • Air Flow
  • Qii
  • Building Air Leakage (Blower Door)
  • New Solar Homes Partnership
  • Backdraft Testing
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Refrigerant Charge

Frequently required for Title 24 compliance, the Home Energy Rating System involves an analysis of a home’s construction plans (Title 24 compliance) and on-site verifications.  Your HERS Rater conducts on-site inspections, typically an HVAC duct leakage test, Fan Watt Draw, Quality Insulation Installation (Qii) and Air Flow tests.  A HERS Rating is a requirement for many Green Building and energy efficient building standards throughout California.  A HERS Rating is also a requirement for an Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM) and/or an Energy Improvement Mortgage.  It proves to be a great way to set your home apart in a crowded real estate market. Please fill out our HERS Inspection Form Today.